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Whiteley Aidal Plus - 5L

 Contains Glutaraldehyde 21g/L
*Stable Formulation, Ready to use, Use Undilated.
 Aidal Plus is a sterilant for use in Hospitals, Dental and Medical Surgeries and Veterinary Hospitals.
This product is a hazardous material. ... More>>

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Whiteley Clinimax - 5L

Designed for use in manual & ultrasonic instrument cleaning. * Mildly alkaline * Multi purpose detergent.




Clinimax - 5L $47.50 Add to Cart Add  
Whiteley Florogen 500ml

The Florogen air freshener range is a specially formulated, alcohol based, surface and space deodorant. It removes unwanted odours and provides a positive method for increasing hygiene in the immediate area of use. 

Ke ... More>>

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Whiteley Kobalt - 5L

* Hospital Grade Disinfectant.
* Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.44% v/v 70% ethanol.
* Use undiluted on all pre cleaned surfaces and leave for 10 minutes for Hospital Grade Disinfection.
* Kobalt is an alcohol-qua ... More>>

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Whiteley Lemex - 5L

Lemex is a lemon perfumed, neutral detergent with excellent cleaning and deodorising properties. It is intended as a general purpose cleaner. Lemex is a class 1 Medical Device and can be used to clean Medical Devices found in operating t ... More>>

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Whiteley Medizyme - 5L

Medizyme is a specialised enzyme containing detergent intended for the removal of blood, protein and tissue that is found on fibreoptical and surgical instruments. The proteolytic enzymes rapidly degrade proteinaceous contamination permi ... More>>

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Whiteley Sonidet - 5L

Sonident is a neutral, free rinsing, bacteriostatic detergent composition formulated specifically for medical equipment in health care. The product is non-irritant to skin when used as directed. Sonident also contains a corrosion inhibit ... More>>

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Whiteley V-Wipes (4)

V-Wipes come in a box of 4 Cannisters


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Whiteley Viraclean - 5L

Viraclean is a specially formulated disinfectant, which passes TGA Option B and kills a broad range of other bacteria including Staphlococcus Aureus (MRSA), Enteroccus faecalis (VRE), Acetobacter and Acinetobacter and is also proven effective against Hepatitis ... More>>

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Whiteley Viraclean 500ml Trigger

Viraclean 500ml Trigger $13.30 Add to Cart Add  
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