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Spring Flow

Water Distiller

Water Distiller

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The Spring Flow steam distiller provides you with pure drinking water. It removes the chemical fluoride – close to 100% purity and pH neutral – from any water supply.
The pure, bio available distilled water from the Spring Flow feels ‘soft’ to your skin.
Free from all contaminants including: bacteria, giardia, viruses, chlorine, all VOC’s, fluoride, asbestos, arsenic, lead, zinc, iron, heavy metals, herbicides, fertilizer, residues, pesticides, insecticides,­ chemicals, salt, aluminum and nitrates.
Filtration Process:
Steam rises from the surface of the boiling water leaving behind heavy metals, dissolved solids and other impurities, killing any bacteria, viruses, cryptosporidium and giardia.
These remain in the boiling chamber as a residue which is easily removed by the cleaning crystals supplied with your steam distiller.
The steam rises to the top of the boiling chamber, entering the fan-cooled stainless-steel cooling duct. This turns the steam back into water.
Although this water is now classified as pure, your Steam Distiller includes a post-filtration filter (good for one month) as a final precaution to remove any residues of organic chemicals.
The filter is needed to remove the final residue of chemicals such as chlorine which may rise with the steam.
• Plug in and go – no installation required
• Stainless steel exterior finish
• Stainless steel under lid
• Stainless steel boiling chamber
• Stainless steel cooling coil
• Automatic shutoff at end of cycle
• One 4 litre PP collection jug incl filter nozzle.
• Comes with 6 carbon sachets and cleaner, enough for 6 months.
• Makes 4 litres in 5-6 hours (at only a few cents per hour).
• The Spring Flow steam distiller can be used in any country with 220-240V.
Distillation Process:
The Spring Flow Water Distiller mimics the way water is distilled in nature. The 5 part process goes like this; 
1 Water in the Boiling Chamber is converted into steam vapor when heated
2 The Steam Vapor rises
3 It then circulates through the cooling coils where it condenses
4 The Condensed water is then passed through a carbon filter
5 And finally passes into the 4 Litre storage jug.
• Distillation Time -  4 litres in 5.5 hours
• Purity Rating - Total Removal
• Carbon Filter Lifecycle - 30 days Max. (6 filters included)
• Safety - Model MH943/S has passed CE & AS/NZS 3350 Safety Standard.
• Approved for Medical Use.
• Warranty - 1 year
• Dimensions (cm) - 36H x 40W x 23D (including 4 Litre jug)
• Wattage - 580 Watts
• Weight - 3.2kg
1 x Spring Flow Water Distiller
1 x High Grade 4 litre Polypropylene jug
6 x Carbon Sachets & Cleaner


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