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Volvere i7

Volvere i7

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The Volvere i7 is another advance in NSK’s quest to provide dental technicians access to its globally renowned dental laboratory engines. The stylish Volvere i7 delivers a compact, advanced design, all essential features and excellent value for money.
Technology & Function
Light and Compact to Fit into the Smallest Space
The unit is just 69 mm wide and weighs only 930 g. It can safely be placed on work bench shelves to save space on the worktop.
Auto Cruise Function
VOLVERE i7 has an auto-cruise function that allows the operator to set a speed and take the foot control. This function reduces foot fatigue when continuously working on the same material.
Microcomputer Control
This microcomputer provides excellent control and constantly monitors the motion of the motor to provide smooth starting and stopping.
Powerful Torque and High Efficiency Micromotor
• Comfort grip
Built-in Special dust proof mechanism
Lightweight and compact
Low vibration and noise
1 x Control Unit
1 x Micromotor Handpiece
1 x Foot control
1 x Handpiece Stand


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