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Take 1 Advanced - Cartridge - Intro Kit

Take 1 Advanced - Cartridge - Intro Kit

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VPS Impression Material
• Outstanding tear strength and elongation. Strong, flexible impression material stretches around undercuts without tearing or distorting.
Hydrophilic dental wash material. Displaces intraoral fluids to produce impressions with great detail and no voids or gaps.
Excellent dimensional stability. Impression will not distort due to dimensional change or temporary deformation.
Widest selection of viscosities, set times and delivery methods. Helps overcome common difficulties in impression taking, and matches doctor preference.
Take 1 Advanced vinylpolysiloxane (VPS) impression material employs Kerr's long history of expertise in developing high-performance impression materials, along with recent technological advancements, to deliver a VPS impression material with the optimum combination of physical properties: strength, elasticity, dimensional stability and the ability to register detail in any environment.
Furthermore, Take 1 Advanced comes in the widest selection of set times, delivery systems and consistencies available on the market today - so you always have the perfect combination of mechanical properties in a material that feels like it was designed just for your technique preferences.
Kit Includes:
1 x Cartridge (50 ml) - Light Body Wash (Fast Set)
1 x Cartridge (50 ml) - Regular Body Wash (Fast Set)
3 x Cartridges (50 ml) - Tray (Fast Set)
1 x Cartridge (50 ml) - Bite Registration
1 x Extruder
6 x Small Mixing Tips
6 x Intra-oral Syringe Tips (Small Universal)
6 x Large Mixing tips


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