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Surgicel - Absorbable Haemostat

Surgicel - Absorbable Haemostat

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Surgicel Absorbable Haemostat (oxidized regenerated cellulose) is used adjunctively in surgical procedures to assist in the control of capillary, venous, and small arterial hemorrhage when ligation or other conventional methods of control are impractical or ineffective.
Surgicel Absorbable Hemostats can be cut to size for use in endoscopic procedures.
Surgicel Absorbable Hemostat has 50+ years of proven efficacy and safety. The loose knit structured material wraps well and allows you to better visualize the surgical site.
• Proven record of efficacy for a broad range of bleeding situations.
Sheer weave allows visibility of the bleeding site.
Flexible texture conforms to irregular surfaces- provides optimal conformability in a fabric.
Easily cut or folded
1.3 x 5.1cm.
Box of 12.


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