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Surgical Implantology Kit Standard

Surgical Implantology Kit Standard

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The Code 70 is a 'mid' level kit that contains the basic items needed for a surgical implant procedure.
• Each kit has been handpacked to ensure quality control has been adhered to.
• Kit is sterilized using ethylene oxide.
• Each kit is individually wrapped and sealed.
Kit Contents
2 x Surgeon Gown - Grade A
4 x Hand Towel
1 x U-Shaped Drape (180 x 270cm) + Adhesive + Tubeholders
1 x Mayo Cover
1 x Head Bar Drape + Adhesive (80cm x 100cm)
1 x Outer Wrap (180cm x 140cm)
3 x Adhesive Film - Blue (20cm x 20cm)
1 x Aspiration System with Tip
1 x Blue Adaptor
2 x Drill Sleeves (120cm)
16 x X-ray Gauze Swab (10cm x 10cm)
1 x Saliva Ejector
1 x Suction Tube Connector
1 x Suction Tube (3 Metre)


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