** NEW ** Surgic Pro 2 **EOFY SALE**

** NEW ** Surgic Pro 2 **EOFY SALE**

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Operability, safety and wireless extensibility: these are the crucial areas where the new Surgic Pro2 makes the difference. The NSK surgical micromotor system represents an extraordinary innovation, designed to give the best device, for the most effective, reliable and comfortable work experience.
There are so many good reasons to choose Surgic Pro2 – the progress, that lets you go beyond.
Improved operability/ usability - more compact motor offers more comfort, less stress.
Safe and sensitive display - easy-clean screen and adjustable smart touch panel, usable when surgical gloves and surgical barrier sheets are in use.
High torque accuracy - made possible by the optimised torque calibration system (AHC). Offers maximum safety against exceeding torque during implant placement.
Wireless control pedal to control irrigation flow selection, program selection rotation direction and rotation speed.
High-resolution colour LED - light offers increased visibility, seeing blood and gingiva as if naturally lit.
Silent and smooth irrigation pump.
Enhanced decision making, by offering predictability and control on when to load an implant, especially when a shorter treatment time is given – see Osseo 100+.
Bluetooth extensibility to multiple devices - VarioSurg3, Osseo 100+, wireless foot control, iPads.

• Power Supply: AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
• Max. Pump Output: 75 mL/min
• Programs: 8 Programs / Implant Systems
• Dimensions: W 245 x D 235 x H 90 mm
• Torque: 5-80 Ncm
• Motor Speed: 200-40,000 min-1
• Light Power (Optic Micromotor): Over 32,000 LUX
• Foot Control Functions: Coolant Solution Flow Volume Button, PRG(Program) Button, Forward/Reverse Button, Speed Control Pedal
Available in Optic or Non-Optic

Complete Set Includes:
1 x Control Unit
1 x SGL80M Optic Micromotor
1 x Handpiece (20:1 Reduction) (X-SG20L Optic or SG20 Non-Optic)
1 x Foot Control - Wireless
3 x Irrigation tube + other accessories


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