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Adapt - SuperCap Matrix Spools

Adapt - SuperCap Matrix Spools

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The SuperMat Retainerless Matrix System is a dental matrix tensioning system shaped for the macro area. It is ideal for transparent and metal posterior matrices. The SuperMat Retainerless Matrix System is composed of SuperLock tensioning instrument, Adapt SuperCap matrices and SuperCap spools.

The system aims to achieve a fast, easy and standardised application
With the SuperMat Retainerless Matrix System:
Multiple restorations can be completed simultaneously in the same quadrant since the traditional matrix retainer is not needed. Proper proximal contacts are easier established.
SuperMat Retainerless universal Matrix System:
• Improves both the operative field visibility and comfort of the patient since the traditional matrix retainer is not needed.
Allows access for wedging and placement of restorative material.
Can be used in conjunction with rubber dam or other isolation techniques.
You can also add the SuperCap spool to a selection of Kerrs matrices to adapt them and use them with the SuperMat system The Adapt SuperCap uniquely thin ring matrices are pre-fitted to SuperCap, the tension adjunct to the SuperMat System.
SuperCap are available in two band heights with a single shape for molars and premolars, and in steel or transparent plastic.
SuperCap spools are designed to be used in conjunction with SuperMat matrices for posterior macro restorations.
SuperLock isntrument is autoclavable
No special instrument is required to disassemble the SuperCap.

Packet of 50 Spools.


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