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Sof-Lex - Spiral Wheels - Introductory Kit

Sof-Lex - Spiral Wheels - Introductory Kit

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Spiral Finishing and Polishing Wheels are a 2 grit system that finish and polish restorations to a life-like luster. The Spiral Wheels easily adapt to all tooth surfaces and are useful for both posterior and anterior teeth.
• Unique shape is flexible and adapts to all surfaces so it's easier to work intraorally, especially on posterior teeth.

• 2-step system makes it quick to achieve a life-like luster.

• All surfaces can be used since abrasive particles are embedded throughout; top, bottom and edge, making it effective from any angle.
5 x Spiral Finishing Wheels - Beige
5 x Spiral Polishing Wheels - Pink

1 x RA Mandrel 


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