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Kimberley Clark

Scott - Compact Slimfold - Hand Towels

Scott - Compact Slimfold - Hand Towels

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These Scott Compact Hand Towels are quick and easy to refill which can help to minimise maintenance time. Dispensing one paper towel at a time ensures you only touches the towel you use promoting good hygiene practices. The single sheet dispensing of these high capacity folded paper towels also helps reduce overuse and wastage.
They are designed to be absorbent for effective hand drying.
Only one folded hand towel is dispensed at a time promoting good hygiene practices and can help to reduce overuse and waste.
They are proudly made in Australia and FSC Certified .
Compatible with a range of Kimberly-Clark Professional Compact Towel Dispensers, these compact hand towels are ideal for washrooms where space is limited.
These hand towels suit the Kimberly-Clark Aquarius Dispenser, known by the product code KI70240.
Sheet Size: 29.5cm x 19cm
Box of 16 Packets (110 Sheets in a Packet)


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