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Solventum (3M)

RelyX Unicem 2 - Automix Syringes

RelyX Unicem 2 - Automix Syringes

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For simplicity powered by performance, rely on this enhanced, next-generation formula in an easy-to-use delivery system.
• Time-saving - no etching, priming or bonding.
Virtually no post-operative sensitivity.
Easy removal of excess.
Optimal consistency.
Strong and moisture-tolerant.
Suggested Applications
Permanent cementation of all-ceramic, composite or metal inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges, posts, 3 - unit inlay/onlay bridges, all-ceramic, composite or metal restorations to implant abutments, 2 -or 3-unit Maryland bridges.
1 x Syringe (8.5g)  
15 x Mixing Tips (Regular)
5 x Mixing Tips (Wide)
5 x Endo Tips.


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