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Protexis - Neoprene - Surgical Gloves (Sterile)

Protexis - Neoprene - Surgical Gloves (Sterile)

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Protexis Neoprene Surgical Gloves are an alternative when natural rubber latex surgical gloves are not an option. They are designed to be softer and thinner than previous Cardinal Health Protexis Neoprene Surgical Gloves, while maintaining physical property performance.
• Non Latex
An ideal outer glove in a double-gloving system complemented with a colored under-glove.
Designed to protect in a broad range of cases.
Ideally used within a double-gloving system, or can be worn as a standalone glove.
Featuring an interlocking, beaded cuff design that helps to reduce roll-down.
Proprietary hand mold with an independent thumb design allows for an anatomical fit and natural movement in the fingers, thumb and palm.
Packet of 50 Gloves


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