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Orotol Plus

Orotol Plus

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Orotol Plus is a highly effective concentrate for the simultaneous disinfection, deodorization, cleaning and care of all dental suction systems, amalgam separators as well as spittoon bowls.
Selected disinfecting and cleansing agents enable highly effective care without foam, being easy on the system itself and the environment.
When used daily, Orotol Plus ensures trouble-free operation of the suction systems, even with extremely high dirt and germ loads (e.g. saliva, amalgam and dentine dust, blood, etc.), both with regard to function and hygiene.
Orotol Plus reliably kills and inactivates microbes throughout the entire suction system.
• Effective removal of biofilm and deposits from all components of the suction system and permanent prevention of their buildup if used on a regular basis.
Extremely gentle on materials (proved in regular material tests)
Ensure that suction systems and amalgam separators retain their value as best possible
Recommended by leading equipment manufacturers
Market leaders in Europe, made in Germany
Has 125 uses
2.5 Litre Bottle.


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