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Kimberley Clark

Optimum - Hand Towel Dispenser

Optimum - Hand Towel Dispenser

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This Kimberly-Clark Optimum Hand Towel Dispenser has a stainless steel construction to reflect a modern and contemporary design. It is designed so that you can use the paper without having to touch the actual unit, promoting clean and hygienic habits. It can be refilled once empty, using the clear window on the front as a guide to its capacity level.
• This unit can be mounted on a wall in bathroom, kitchen or other wash room area.
It is lockable to prevent tampering between refills.
It's easy to tell when paper is running low with the clear window on the front.
It has a durable stainless steel construction.
It's compatible for use with the hand towel known by the product code, KI38000.
This dispenser has a stylish, silver design.
This dispenser is compatible with Kleenex Optimum and Scott Optimum Hand Towels, known by the product codes KI44560, KI4455 and KI44457.
Size: H51.2 x W29.0 x D10.4cm.


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