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Odontocem - Biocompatible Calcium Cement

Odontocem - Biocompatible Calcium Cement

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Designed and manufactured in Australia, Odontocem is the first calcium silicate-based cement to successfully incorporate a steroid.
Odontocem is eugenol-and turpene-free with no zinc oxide chemistry which is toxic to exposed pulps. Odontocem, when set, provides a biocompatible layer advantageous for successful direct pulp capping. Odontocem’s unique chemistry results in a transiently high pH of the set material which reduces over time to a more neutral pH. This provides an initial antibacterial effect, followed by an improvement in the biocompatibility of the set material over time in order for the healing to proceed.
Odontocem contains 0.2% triamcinolone acetonide, a potent steroid, to provide transient relief of pain. The relatively low dose of the steroid is such that the inflammatory response required for the formation of the dentinal bridge is only temporarily delayed. This also helps to prevent false positives as may occur with products containing higher steroid levels.
Unlike other calcium silicate-based materials on the market (MTA), you will be surprised at how reasonably Odontocem is priced making it suitable for everyday use.
Powder - 8g Bottle.


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