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Neutradet Solution

Neutradet Solution

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Neutral, non-ionic detergent solution for surface and pre-disinfection cleaning. Will not deactivate disinfectants or chemical sterilants. Can also be used in ultrasonic baths to assist cleaning.
2% non-ionic surfactant combination in aqueous solution.
Neutradet solution is a powerful, low foaming , non-ionic detergent with a fresh floral fragrance that rapidly and efficiently enables the removal of biological soiling from clinical surfaces and surgical instruments prior to disinfection or sterilisation. Can be used for general cleaning.
Neutradet solution can be used for the removal of biological soiling (removal of blood, bodily fluids and tissue fragments) from clinical surfaces prior to disinfection and surgical instruments and equipment (including dental handpieces) prior to sterilisation.
Spray or wipe on with a clean cloth undiluted Neutradet Solution onto the surface to be cleaned. Wipe surface as required until all visible biological soiling has been removed. Surface can be rinsed or wiped clean or disinfectant solution applied.
Clean instruments with a clean cloth until all visible biological soiling has been removed. Instrument can now be rinsed clean in preparation for effective disinfection or sterilisation as required.
5 Litre Bottle


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