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MetalFix Matrices - Kit

MetalFix Matrices - Kit

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The All-in-One MetaFix matrix, with the innovative integrated tightening/opening system, is the perfect solution for Class II MO/OD/MOD composite fillings in the posterior area.
Unique and Fast Application/Removal: Integrated clamping system for easy and stable tightening, Integrated release mechanism for fast and simple removal, Ring matrix band 0.038 mm for stable placement without distortion through tight intact contact points, No additional tools, disinfection or cleaning needed
Easy Creation of the Contact Point and of an Anatomic Restoration: Contoured shape for perfect contact point control.
Anatomical design suited for better cervical adaptation and cavity depth.
Three sizes available for better marginal adaptation to any posterior tooth (premolar/molar), No overhangs nor extensive finishing needed, Light matrix system for excellent patient comfort and better visibility of the working area.
Packet of Assorted Matrices.


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