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MD 555 - Weekly Cleaner

MD 555 - Weekly Cleaner

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MD 555 is a non-foaming acid special cleaner for dental suction systems including drainage lines. Use of MD 555 is recommended for regions with problematic tap water (e.g. high water hardness, antisoluble salts, etc.) and for drainage lines with insufficient gradient.  
MD 555 is recommended if special tooth cleaning devices, e.g. air polishing units, are used. Regular use of MD 555 prevents formation of deposits and blockages, and dissolves existing deposits. With its special active and auxiliary ingredients, MD 555 is particularly suitable for systems with amalgam separators.
MD 555 can be used universally wherever deposits from hard water must be removed from surfaces (e.g. floor and wall tiles, basins).
2.5 Litre Bottle.


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