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Herculite XRV Ultra - Unidose - Mini Kit

Herculite XRV Ultra - Unidose - Mini Kit

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Herculite XRV is a micro-hybrid composite developed using the Vita colour system. Exhibits excellent handling properties. For more than 15 years, demonstrating clinical efficacy, Herculite XRV is a product with reliability and durability that provides long-lasting aesthetics. It offers 38 opacity / translucency providing the ultimate in versatility. This compound is available in syringe and Unidose providing the convenience you need for each clinical case.
• Allows anatomical shaping.
High wear resistance.
Long lasting shine and softness.
Ideal Vita match shade and colour selection.
3 x Syringes (4g) - Enamel A2, A3 Dentine, A2.
1 x OptiBond Solo Plus (5ml)
1 x Syringe Etching Gel (3g)
25 x Mixing Wells.
50 x Applicator Tips


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