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Herculite XRV Ultra - Syringes

Herculite XRV Ultra - Syringes

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Optimal handling, non-slumping. Superb ease of placement. Long-lasting polishability. Maintains lifelike luster over time. Herculite gold standard technology.
Proven 25+ years of experience. High wear resistance and mechanical properties. Long-lasting and durable. Chameleon quality. Superior tooth-blending effect enabled by optimized filler size.
• Comes in both enamel and dentine
Optimum handling non-slumping, non-sticky
High mechanical strength
Ideal for posterior and anterior restorations
Life-like aesthetics with superior polish.
Versatile shading system
1 layer, 2 layer and multi-layer shading technique.
4g Syringe.


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