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Fluoride Foam

Fluoride Foam

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Laclede Fluoride Foam was designed to aid in the protection against dental caries in children's office fluoride treatments. Laclede Fluoride Foam has the following composition: Sodium Fluoride, Hydrofluoric Acid (equivalent to 1.23% w/w F ion).
Its unique foam contains no thickening agents but is actually a liquid. Thousands of bubbles continuously collapse on the tooth surface, releasing fluoride and ensuring maximum fluoride coverage. This unique formula eliminates the inherent problems of traditional gel formulas.
• Less gagging because there is no drip from the tray.
Less nausea or vomiting.
Child-friendly cartoon package makes treatment fun.
Provides equal fluoride uptake as gels, compared to using less fluoride.
165ml Spray Bottle


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