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Filtek Universal Restorative - Capsules *BUY 3 GET 1 FREE FROM 3M*

Filtek Universal Restorative - Capsules *BUY 3 GET 1 FREE FROM 3M*

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A universal composite featuring NaturalMatch technology creates beautiful, natural looking restorations that blend in with surrounding dentition, providing a chameleon effect. 3M’s True Nanoparticles provides excellent wear resistance and polish retention.
• NaturalMatch Technology (A blend of nanofillers and proprietary monomers)
Creates beautiful, natural restorations with less shades.
Blends to surrounding dentition - Chameleon effect
Excellent, creamy handling.
Designer shades match the VITA classical and bleach shades.
AFM Monomer provides stress relief, Low-shrinkage stress.
Long-lasting polish.
Designer shades cover most patients.
2mm depth of cure.
Capsules can be warmed.
2mm depth of cure.
Suggested Applications
Direct anterior and posterior restorations (including occlusal surfaces).
Core buildups.
Indirect restorations including inlays, onlays and veneers.
Packet of 20 x Capsules


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