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Solventum (3M)

Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable - Syringes

Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable - Syringes

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The bulk fill flowable featuring an innovative syringe design to virtually eliminate bubbles. Excellent as a bulk fill base or as a low-stress liner. The syringe provides better access with a bendable cannula. Versatile for multiple techniques including injection molding.
• Virtually no material “run-on” or bubbles.
Easy-to-bend cannula for improved access.
Ergonomic design is easy to hold and inject.
Injectable, one-step placement up to 4 mm.
Excellent adaptation, polish retention and wear resistance.
Can be warmed for injection molding.
Suggested Applications
Base under Class I and II direct restorations.
As a core build-up where at least half the coronal tooth structure is remaining to provide structural support for the crown.
Liner under direct restorative materials.
Pit and fissure sealant.
Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations (including small, non stress-bearing occlusal restorations).
Class III and V restorations.
Undercut blockout.
Repair of small enamel defects.
Repair of small defects in aesthetic indirect restorations.
Repair of resin and acrylic temporary materials.
Available in 4 shades - A1, A2, A3 and Universal.


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