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Elements E-Motion Motor

Elements E-Motion Motor

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The Kerr Elements e-motion provides efficiency and safety. The improved Adaptive Motion offers higher cutting efficiency and the maximal torque limitation provides a better ability to resist breakage or deformation of the file.
Elements e-motion was completely designed and manufactured in Germany and has a stainless steel handpiece powered by KaVo. It is intuitive to use, due to a user-friendly, coloured touchscreen and an interface that allows 5 fully customisable presets with up to 10 file options each.
The file system has more than 190 preset files Ease of adding new files, customising names, sizes, rpm, and torque. 4 mounting options for handpiece holder.
Touch-Screen Interface:
The intuitive, full-color touch screen allows easy access to your preferred settings. Customize your pre-set with 24 file systems in the database.
Better Visibility and Access:
Handpiece with a smaller head for better visibility and easier posterior access.
Smart Technology:
Enhanced Adaptive Motion algorithm enables higher cutting efficiency, with greater protection against breakage and deformation.
Ergonomic Design:
Four handpiece mounting options to comfortably accommodate left or right-handed use.
System includes:
1 x Controller
1 x Motor
1 x 8:1 handpiece.


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