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Solventum (3M)

Clinpro XT Varnish

Clinpro XT Varnish

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XT Varnish Durable Fluoride - Releasing Coating is a site-specific, light-cured, durable coating that forms an immediate layer of protection to relieve dentinal hypersensitivity. It is ideal for protecting exposed, sensitive root surfaces, especially newly cleaned surfaces following scaling and root planing.
• Extended protection for up to 6 months.
Releases fluoride, calcium and phosphate.
Can be recharged with fluoride by using fluoride-containing products over the life of the product.
Moisture tolerant: No need to dry or pre-treat the root surface.
Does not require the use of a rubber dam.
Creates a protective barrier against demineralisation and acid erosion.
Suggested Applications
Treatment of exposed root surface sensitivity.
Site-specific protective coating for newly erupted teeth and other tooth surfaces (e.g. around orthodontic brackets and acid erosion), including non-cavitated lesions.
10g Clicker.


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