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CliniMax can be used for manual and ultrasonic instrument cleaning, equipment cleaning and also for the cleaning of environmental surfaces such as surgical tables, lighting, benches and trolleys. 
CliniMax is a mildly alkaline, non-hazardous, multipurpose detergent for Medical and Dental applications that is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4187 - 2014 and AS/NZS 4815 - 2006. 
CliniMax uses the latest surfactant technology to emulsify and solubilise organic soils such as blood, protein and lipids (fats). CliniMax also assists in preventing the re-deposition of organic soils in surfaces and equipment during the cleaning process. The use of advanced surfactant technology also makes CliniMax an excellent environmental surface cleaner for a variety of hard surfaces.
• Concentrated
Low foaming (to allow the user to see what is happening in solution)
Bacteriostatic (prevents the growth of bacteria)
Free rinsing
Uses 100% recyclable packaging
Effective in hard and soft water
Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect quality instruments
ARTG No: 125528
5 Litre Bottle.


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