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Citrisil Blue *BUY 5 GET 1 FREE*

Citrisil Blue *BUY 5 GET 1 FREE*

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Citrisil Blue tablets continuously disinfect and maintain dental water lines.
Simply start with one Citrisil shock tablet and follow with one Citrisil Blue tablet per refill of each self-contained water bottle.
Using distilled or purified tap water, the tablet effervesces and provides a safe, pH balanced treatment.
Eliminates need to empty bottles, purge and air dry at night.
Each box includes 2 Citrisil Shock Tablets, Citrisil Blue provides an option of a light blue tint in treated water for easy visual compliance.
The only DUWL tablet to have a U.S EPA registered quantifiable claim.
U.S EPA registered to produce less than of equal to 10 CFU per ml HPC purity.
U.S EPA Reg. No 83315-1.
For 2 Litre Bottle.
48 x Citrisil Blue Tablets
2 x Shock Tablets


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