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Cavex Impressional - Alginate Impression Material

Cavex Impressional - Alginate Impression Material

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Cavex Impressional enables you to take alginate impressions down to the last detail. The alginate has a unique combination of very high elasticity, tear strength, and detail reproduction (25 µm). Consequently, this alginate product is very suitable for working around metal frames and/or deep undercuts.
Cavex Impressional Fast Set takes 60 seconds to set. Due to the combination of fast setting and a pleasant spearmint aroma, patients enjoy more pleasant procedures.
When even the tiniest details are important.
• Unique combination of high elasticity and tear resistance
Detail reproduction 25 µm Optimal gypsum compatibility
Higher legible blue colour
Spearmint Aroma
Dust free Fast Set: 1 minute
Excellent for the stiff algnate technique and the alginate – hydrocolloid combination
500g Bag


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