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Calmix - Starter Kit & Refill Syringe

Calmix - Starter Kit & Refill Syringe

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Refill Syringe

Calmix Calcium Hydroxide 

Root Canal and Vital Pulp Therapy

A high pH calcium hydroxide root canal and pulpal dressing. Effective against E faecalis& C.Albicans. Specially formulated to release more hydroxyl ions than water based carrier systems thereby supporting a higher pH even when buffered by the dentine.

Key Features:
  • Higher pH than all existing Ca (OH) medicaments
  • Greater antimicrobial activity within the root canal
  • Less inflammation to outer tissues than Pulpdent® & Ultracal™
  • Easily picked up with spiral or placed in the canal with fine tips
  • Won't dry out on pad or in the syringe


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