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Base It

Base It

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Light-Curing Base & Liner
Base It contains Calcium Hydroxyapatite in Urethane methacrylate oligomer. It makes Base It to reduce the pulp irritation and to have low polymerization shrinkage. Base It stimulates secondary dentin formation by releasing Calcium ion, Hydroxy ion and phosphate ion. Base It has cariostatic properties and excellent adhesion strength on teeth.
Light Curing Base & Liner containing Calcium Hydroxyapatite.
Low polymerization shrinkage
Secondary dentin formation and excellent cariostatic properties by releasing Calciumion, Hydroxy ion and phosphate ion
Excellent chemical bond by containing biocompatible monomer
Superior strength comparing with the glass ionomer base
• Radiopaque
4 x 2g syringes + tips.


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