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Arti-Fol - Forceps

Arti-Fol - Forceps

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The Arti-Fol forceps, designed by Dr. Müller, is intended for the fast and accurate fitting of restorations. The innovative and user-friendly design makes the product far easier to handle compared with conventional test methods.
The high clamping force of the forceps tightens the occlusion film on two sides and allows the dentist to carry out accurate contact correction.
A film can be inserted quickly and easily. The tool does not have any cavities and can be disinfected and sterilized according to conventional methods.
The Arti-Fol forceps for approximal contacts is a German product and is manufactured from high- quality steel which guarantees a long life.
Arti-Fol 12µ metallic is also available in a width of 8 mm for use with the forceps.


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