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AlproJet - W (Weekly)

AlproJet - W (Weekly)

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Highly efficient, low pH, aldehyde-free and non-foaming liquid concentrate for the weekly cleaning and main- tenance of dental aspiration and separation systems, with and without amalgam separator.
How to use:
Prepare 5 % (50 mL of product with 950 mL of water) in the AlproJet MixCup and rinse both aspirating tubes and spittoon bowl each with 1 L of the solution. Use AlproJet-W instead of AlproJet-D or AlproJet-DD twice a week.
AlproJet-W is highly compatible with materials such as plastics, rubber, non-ferrous metal and alloyed steel etc. Due to the excellent material compatibility AlproJet-W may be left in the dental unit overnight and/or over the weekend.
Particularly effective in dental hygiene units (dissolves sodium bicarbonate).
Amidosulfonic acid and tensides.

5 Litre Bottle. 


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