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Terms and Conditions

Credit Terms       

1. You agree that the terms of payment are strictly 30 days from the end of the month of the invoice date.
2. Account payments are accepted by cheque, EFTPOS, or credit card payments.
3. You warrant that all information given to us is true and correct.
5. You agree to notify us within 7 days of any change affecting your legal entity, structure, management or control.
6. You acknowledge that we may;
 (a) Refuse your application for credit facilities;
 (b) Withdraw or vary credit facilities at our absolute discretion without prior notice
 (c) Withhold supply irrespective or whether an order has been accepted or not if for any reason we determine in our absolute discretion that no further credit is extended to you.
7.1 You consent and agree that we may:
 (a) Obtain a credit report from reporting agencies or other credit providers for the purpose of assessing this application for credit.
 (b) Obtain information from any other credit providers from time to time for the purpose of reviewing and assessing your  commercial credit worthiness.
  (c) Disclose to or discuss with any credit providers or any credit reporting agencies, any prospective guarantor and any person or body agreeing or considering whether to agree to be liable for any credit to be made available to you, any information maintained or in our possession relating to your application and the administration of your credit facilities.
 (d) Collect and use any personal information as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (“the Act”) for the purposes referred 7.1 (a) to (c).
7.2 You acknowledge that the consents referred to in paragraphs 7.1 (a) to (d) will continue to remain in full force and effect until all credit facilities cease to be made available by us.
8. This application is made to Independent Dental Supplies PTY LTD (ABN 88003622437)
9. You agree that if any amount is not paid within the agreed terms of payment, interest may be charged at the rate of 1.5% per month on the amount overdue from the original due date until payment is made in full.
11. The signatory warrants that where there is more than one applicant, or the applicant is a corporation that he or she is authorized to sign on behalf of all applicants or the corporation as appropriate.


1. Returns will not be accepted without prior approval and authorisation from an Independent Dental Customer Service Representative.
2. All credit returns will be accepted within 30 days of invoice date, provided the goods have adequate shelf life, require no repackaging and are in an ‘as new’ saleable condition. Goods that are damaged in any way will not be accepted for credit.
3. Absolutely no return of Indent or Special orders will be accepted.
4. All returns must be accompanied with a copy of invoice and purchase date.


1. Except where specific warranty provisions apply, claims alleging defective product must be made to Independent Dental within 12 months of supply or within the recommended shelf life of the product, whichever is the shorter period. Where a specific warranty period applies from the date of purchase, this will define the period within which claims will be accepted. Warranty claims for manufacturing will be processed only after an evaluation by Independent Dental’s Product Manager, a Customer Service Manager.


Independent Dental and its directors, employees, are not responsible for damages from any actions, claims, demands, damages, liabilities or suits of any nature, in law or in equity, arising from or in connection with supplied products or their use. It is understood that the customer will test and use supplied products according to the practices standard in the industry and in strict compliance with all laws and regulations as they are intended to be used. It is the customer’s responsibility to understand the hazards involved in using hazardous or harmful materials, to warn employees of any risks involved in using or handling the products and comply with instructions for use.