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Solventum (3M)

Paradigm - Nano Hybrid Universal Restorative - Capsules

Paradigm - Nano Hybrid Universal Restorative - Capsules

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Paradigm Nano Hybrid Universal Restorative offers an everyday, easy-to-use restorative, designed with a good balance of the straightforward features you rely on most. Great handling is key to a positive experience.
You can place and shape Paradigm Nano Hybrid restorative without it sticking and pulling back with the instrument. That makes it easier to adapt to the cavity—meaning it doesn’t slump, yet will blend and feather.
You’ll find it’s easy to sculpt and holds its shape prior to cure. With Paradigm Nano Hybrid restorative, you can satisfy patient expectations for a natural-looking and high quality restoration.
It is formulated with a broad range of particle sizes to allow a higher filler loading, which can result in: high flexural strength and high diametral tensile strength.
Your reliable, easy-to-use, everyday restorative.
Easy to polish.
Various shades that cover most dentists’ daily needs.
Great handling without slumping or sticking to instruments.
Easy to use in posterior and anterior restorations.
Good fracture toughness, strength and wear resistance.
Easy to adapt to cavity.
Suggested Applications
• Direct anterior and posterior restorations including occlusal surfaces.
Core buildups.
Indirect restorations including inlays, onlays and veneers.
Packet of 20 Capsules.


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