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Face Mask with Shield

Face Mask with Shield

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Type IIR/ Level 3 – European Standard EN 14683:2019 and US Standard ASTM F2100:2019 High-performance face masks suitable for clinical settings to protect the patient and working environment from infective agents and to prevent cross contamination.
The melt-blown polymer material used in the middle layer of the mask is a highly effective filter which prevents micro-droplets exiting the masks. Our 4-pleat design allows the wearer to comfortably expand the mask to fully cover the area from nose to chin for improved breathability.
The inner layer of the masks is made of an ultra-soft non-irritating fabric, for user comfort Fluid resistant with excellent bacterial filtration efficiency rating (99.5% at 3 microns) 4 Pleat design ensures a comfortable fit for the user by keeping space between the user and the mask, improving breathability.
Permits air to pass through the mask to prevent glasses from becoming foggy Plastic anti-fog shields attached to the mask provides added protection for the user’s face and eyes against splashes and droplets.
Single-use Latex Free.  
Available in blue.
Packet of 25.


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