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All Cleaner Powder **** CLEARANCE***

All Cleaner Powder **** CLEARANCE***

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The formulation of All Cleaner is based on new generation environmentally friendly active ingredients. The cleaning agents contained in the product are obtained from renewable and completely biodegradable.
If used correctly, it does not damage steel surfaces and does not dull them. Prolonged treatment of aluminium instruments can cause their deterioration. At the end of the submersion, the instruments must be rinsed thoroughly with water.
Before using them, instruments and impression trays must be subjected to appropriate processes of cleaning and sterilisation before their use. It does not contain phosphates and surface-active agents.
Fast and easy to use.
Neutral pH.
Compatible with ultrasonic cleaners.
It does not damage or dulls stainless steel surfaces.
Without phosphates and surface-active agents.
Mint fragrance.

Box of 15 x 50g sachets.



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