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New South Wales

Arnold Shroot

Sydney Eastern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs


Phone: 0420 615 816

Kim Butters

Sydney North, Sydney CBD, Sydney Inner Suburbs


Phone: 0421 286 961

Tara Dee

Sydney West Suburbs, Hills District, Blue Mountains


Phone: 0405 273 428

Peter Sampson

NSW Riverina, NSW South coast, ACT, Southern Tablelands


Phone: 0407 930 636

Lisa Rowbottom

Newcastle, Central Coast, Nelson Bay, Central Tablelands


Phone: 0416 208 272

Douglas Hovey

Newcastle, Central Coast, Northern Tablelands, NSW North Coast


Phone: 0410 120 906


Rebecca Freshney

Sunshine Coast, Brisbane North, Gold Coast, Brisbane West, Toowoomba


Phone: 0421 810 054

Kym Tyler

Brisbane South, Brisbane East, Brisbane North


Phone: 0400 134 013


Sam Sherlock

Melbourne and Outer Suburbs, South Eastern Victoria


Phone: 0401 064 002



Toll free number: 1800 044 998


Fax: (02) 4969 5180

How do I open an account with Independent Dental?

If you are an existing customer please call our toll free number and an online login will be assigned to you.

New customers please fill out our application form and return via Fax/Email. An account with Independent Dental supplies will be opened for you and you will receive a login to order goods online.Your password can be changed at any time by contacting Independent Dental.

Pricing / Checkout & Payment

Customers will receive an invoice with the goods and an account statement will be sent out every month with payment details.

*** There is currently no cart recovery - Orders must be placed in one sitting ***

Independent Dental's 5+1 Deal and other promotions/special pricing will not reflect on your order form, please be advised once your order is processed discounts and freight charges will be added to your invoice, if there are any questions please call our toll free number.

Freight Charges

Cannot find a product?

Please be advised that not all of our products are on our site. If you are having trouble finding a product please use the search bar. For example if you are looking for an Ultrasonic Scaler simply type "Ultrasonic Scaler" in the search bar and all relevant products will appear.

Before submitting your order, if you would like to order a product/products that you cannot find please type additional products in the "Special Delivery Instructions" section.

Terms & Conditions


1. Returns will not be accepted without prior approval and authorisation from an Independent Dental Customer Service Representative.
2. All credit returns will be accepted within 30 days of invoice date, provided the goods have adequate shelf life, require no repackaging and are in an ‘as new’ saleable condition. Goods that are damaged in any way will not be accepted for credit.
3. Absolutely no return of Indent or Special orders will be accepted.
4. All returns must be accompanied with a copy of invoice and purchase date.


1. Except where specific warranty provisions apply, claims alleging defective product must be made to Independent Dental within 12 months of supply or within the recommended shelf life of the product, whichever is the shorter period. Where a specific warranty period applies from the date of purchase, this will define the period within which claims will be accepted. Warranty claims for manufacturing will be processed only after an evaluation by Independent Dental’s Product Manager, a Customer Service Manager.


Independent Dental and its directors, employees, are not responsible for damages from any actions, claims, demands, damages, liabilities or suits of any nature, in law or in equity, arising from or in connection with supplied products or their use. It is understood that the customer will test and use supplied products according to the practices standard in the industry and in strict compliance with all laws and regulations as they are intended to be used. It is the customer’s responsibility to understand the hazards involved in using hazardous or harmful materials, to warn employees of any risks involved in using or handling the products and comply with instructions for use.