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Sentry Cotton Tip Applicators

7.5cm Double Ended * Bag of 100 tips *** BUY 5 GET 1 FREE ***


Cotton Tip Applicators $1.90 Add to Cart Add  
Sentry ISP Bowie and Dick Autoclave Test Pack
The ISP® Bowie & Dick Autoclave Test Pack has been developed to align with the Australian standard AS4187:2014, a daily steam penetration test for large steam sterilisers. Conforms to ISO11140. Classes 2 & 6 indicators 20 packs More>>

ISP Bowie and Dick Autoclave Test Pack $123.00 Add to Cart Add  
Sentry ISP Helix Test System + 100 Emulating Strips

The ISP® Helix Test System is the ideal process challenge device to perform the strongest challenge when sterilizing instruments. It can also be used to ensure maximum steam penetration where hollow instruments or instruments with small lumina are concerned. It is ... More>>

ISP Helix Test System + 100 Emulating Strips $147.40 Add to Cart Add  
Sentry ISP Steam Emulating Indicators

The ISP® Steam Emulating Indicator is a test strip that is reflective of time, temperature + steam quality. The indicator is non-toxic and lead-free, and laminated to prevent the ink coming in contact with the contents of the tray. * 134 Degrees for 3.5min. Class 6 Indicator EN867-1.

< ... More>>

ISP Steam Emulating Indicators $72.00 Add to Cart Add  
Sentry ISP Sterilization Marker Pen
The ISP Sterilization environment utility marker is used for marking sterilisation packaging material, with special autoclave low odour and non-toxic ink as per ISO 11607. The ink is suitable for steam, gamma, formaldehyde, plasma and ethylene oxide sterilization processes. The pen is designed for ... More>>

ISP Sterilization Marker Pen $13.20 Add to Cart Add  
Sentry Owear Aprons
*White Plastic. * Individually folded * 81cm x 1.32m * 100pcs per unit More>>

Owear Aprons $28.00 Add to Cart Add  
Sentry Sterile Gauze Swab

Sentry Medical Gauze Swabs are 100% cotton and are french folded to reduce fraying and linting.

* 50x Packets per box
* 5ps Gauze per pack.


Sterile Gauze Swab $25.00 Add to Cart Add  
Sentry V-Bag Emesis Bag
Sentry Medical Emesis bags have a firm polyethylene twist and lock rim to provide easy control, and help prevent spillage after use. They isolate splash back and have a graduated indicative measurement system to 1500ml, allowing measurement of contents in the bag. On completion of use, the bag is e ... More>>

V-Bag Emesis Bag $27.20 Add to Cart Add  
Sentry Verasoft Moist Wipes

Verasoft Moist Wipes are a refreshing and convenient disposable wipe, that are infused with aloe vera. * 25Pcs per pack *** BUY 5 GET 1 FREE ***


Verasoft Moist Wipes $5.00 Add to Cart Add  
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