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Cattani Adapter For Saliva Ejector
Fits into the 11mm or 16mm terminal. * C15 Single More>>

Adapter For Saliva Ejector $11.50 Add to Cart Add  
Cattani Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets

Destroys foam in the suction system and releases a disinfectant throughout the working day. * 3+ Each rate: $83.60 * 50 tablets per box


Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets $85.50 Add to Cart Add  
Cattani Eco-Jet Spray 1 Disinfectant - 500ML

Recommended for routine cleaning and disinfection of medical devices and surfaces.


Eco-Jet Spray 1 Disinfectant - 500ML $18.60 Add to Cart Add  
Cattani Funnel Spittoon

Fits into both the 11mm and 17mm terminal.


Funnel Spittoon $23.80 Add to Cart Add  
Cattani Puli-Jet Gentle - 1L

* 1L Bottle (1 Bottle makes 30 x 2.5L solutions.) * Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes dental aspirators * Detergent action intensifies the antimicrobial effect * Improved packaging & dispensing system making it easier * to measure and pour the solution * * 4+ Rate: $38.00 each


Puli-Jet Gentle - 1L $41.00 Add to Cart Add  
Cattani Pulse Cleaner

Pulse Cleaner $102.50 Add to Cart Add  
Cattani Tip Reducer C16 - White

* To connect 11mm tips to the 17mm terminal * C16 Single


Tip Reducer C16 - White $4.10 Add to Cart Add  
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